Unleash the potential of your favorite services on Pyrus platform or add your own extensions

  • Telegram

    Receive messages from Telegram and manage conversations in Pyrus
  • WhatsApp

    Receive messages from WhatsApp and maintain conversations in Pyrus
  • VK

    Receive messages from VK and handle conversations in Pyrus
  • Viber

    Receive messages from Viber and maintain conversations in Pyrus
  • BeeLine

    Create requests from phone calls through Beeline telephony
  • amoCRM

    Convert amoCRM deals into business processes in Pyrus
  • Zoom

    Schedule meetings with colleagues and clients in Zoom directly from Pyrus tasks
  • Zoiper

    Automatically create requests and keep a history of calls in Pyrus
  • Jira

    Generate Jira tickets directly within Pyrus
  • Messagio

    Send notifications and communicate with clients wherever it's convenient for them – SMS, WhatsApp, VK, Viber
  • Softphone.Pro

    Automatically generate requests in Pyrus upon incoming calls
  • Dropbox

    Share files from Dropbox
  • Google Drive

    Attach files from Google Drive to the tasks
  • OneDrive

    Attach files from OneDrive to the tasks
  • BOX

    Attach files from Box to the tasks
  • Microsoft Active Directory

    Sync employees' accounts in Pyrus with MS Active Directory
  • Oracle NetSuite

    Avoid duplicating documents and requests
  • OCR

    Fill out forms using data from scanned invoices
  • API Telephony

    Handle incoming calls within Pyrus
  • Website chat

    Engage with customers from your website chat directly in Pyrus
  • Email

    Turn emails into tasks – communicate via email directly within Pyrus
  • Online forms

    Unleash Pyrus web form capabilities for lead generation, surveys, customer onboarding, and employee engagement
  • Duplicates search

    Avoid duplicating documents and requests
  • Mobile app chat

    Respond to inquiries from users of your mobile application directly within Pyrus
  • Service rating

    Receive feedback from clients, analyze performance, and enhance the customer experience
  • Notes

    Send private messages to collegues in tasks
  • Similar tasks

    Have a history of communication with clients hand