Pyrus Statement on Security

We implement several levels of technical, organizational, and physical security measures to protect your information.

Data Reliability

Your data is replicated in real-time between geographically distributed data centers. This ensures that in the case of any data center malfunction, a copy of your information will always remain intact.

Pyrus also creates daily backups of all data to ensure speedy data recovery in case of any unintentional errors.

Data Privacy

Pyrus's strict access policy limits those who can access your data at a given time. Pyrus employees do not have access to any of your private data, and may only access account metadata in limited circumstances when providing technical support.

Only you and those whom you explicitly grant access to can view or modify your company’s Pyrus data.

Our Privacy Policy in relation to residents of the EU and Switzerland is fully compliant with the GDPR requirements. If you, being Data Controller under GDPR, need additional consultations with our Data Protection Officer, please reach us at

Physical Security

All Pyrus servers are hosted in secure data centers that meet international security standards ISO 27001 and 9001.

Pyrus platform undergoes an annual Security Assessment by an independent international auditor. We can provide an auditor's report upon request.


All communication between your computer or mobile device and Pyrus data centers is encrypted using the same security protocols used for online banking (TLS 1.2). This encryption is activated automatically during each session and cannot be disabled. The security certificate has a key length of 2048 bits.

Network Security

Every Pyrus server is protected with firewalls to permit the minimum traffic necessary to run the Pyrus service. Additionally, Pyrus conducts continuous monitoring of the network load to ensure proper protection against DDoS attacks.

Organizational Security

Pyrus follows the industry's best practices for all areas of application security in order to ensure continuity of service. This includes updating system software, adding and removing equipment, and routine testing of basic and complex services.

Pyrus has formulated and implemented a thorough disaster recovery plan in case of emergency.

Found A Vulnerability In Our Service?

We are confident in Pyrus's security, but recognize that we may (very) occasionally miss something. As a result we are always happy to reward anyone who brings Pyrus vulnerabilities to our attention. To find out more about our reward program, see our Vulnerability Disclosure Policy.