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Pyrus helps business managers to make better decisions faster by automating workflows

Pyrus for Daily Workflows

Interdepartmental Collaboration

Create a workflow using intuitive form designer, set up people and roles on every stage.
Every team member works on her tasks and has an access to audit trail of the previous decisions.
Interdepartmental Collaboration

Faster Approvals
via Smart Inbox

Requests, decisions, and documents are all at your fingertips. You will only see the issues that require your attention.
With our workflow mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone you are always connected with your colleagues and partners. Pyrus apps work smoothly even when you are out of coverage area.
Faster Approvals via Smart Inbox

Smooth Setup

No more expensive and never ending workflow automation project. Now you are in direct control of your organization’s efficiency.
Start connecting your company’s efforts by choosing a business process you want to automate. You can set a process up in a few seconds without any specific IT knowledge or skills.
Workflow Automation

Business Insights
and Reporting

Our workflow software provides detailed reports on workflow progress. It tracks the number of opened and closed tasks, employee performance, and time required to complete a task on each step.
You define a target Service Level and our platform shows weekly and monthly dynamics, enabling you to analyze delays and identify bottlenecks.
Analysis and Reporting

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Pyrus seamlessly integrates with your ERP system. Our built-in catalog synchronization tool allows exchanging data directly with any SQL databases or via a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You can install a Microsoft Outlook plugin and Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser extensions. Pyrus easily integrates with emails as well. You can forward any email received to your mailbox, registered with Pyrus, to and it’ll be converted into tasks, complete with all content and attachments.


Pyrus is free for an unlimited number of users*