Pyrus helps business managers automate their
accounts payable processes
service desk
human resource processes

Companies use Pyrus to maintain workflow efficiency in a variety of fields, including sales, marketing, administration, human resources, and beyond. Our users enjoy ultimate convenience and ease of use, even when they're managing business processes of significant complexity. Pyrus ensures better results from your effort by making your workday smarter.

Choose a predefined form or create your own

Create your workflow from scratch using our intuitive form designer, establishing which people and roles are necessary to move a task through every stage to completion.You can create a prompt or brief guide for each field that  make it dramatically easier to finish filling out a form.

Set up step-by-step routing and exception rules

When needed actions vary depending on field values, set up process rules accordingly.Just go to the Workflow section in the form designer and assign appropriate approvers and field triggers.

Process requests in a convenient interface

Use the built-in Preview for documents, sync information from any database, and integrate with CRM or accounting systems to reduce the time it takes to process forms.

Business Insights and Analytics

Our dashboard provides detailed reports on your workflow progress. It tracks the number of opened and closed tasks, employee performance, and time required to complete a task. It enables you to analyze delays and identify bottlenecks so that you alter your process and monitor improvements.

Approve Anywhere

From your laptop to your smartwatch, Pyrus works on nearly any major device you can name. Everything stays appropriately synced — even when you're offline.We'll keep your place so you can always pick up wherever you left off.
iPhone и iPad

Fill Forms from Emails

Pyrus can monitor a designated email folder (say, and create a form every time a new message is received.You can then communicate with your customer right from Pyrus interface while having convenient internal chat around this ticket, all at the same page.

Web Forms

Pyrus offers web forms which you can put on your website. Whenever a new form is filled out, it will be immediately routed according to pre-defined workflow rules.


Pyrus seamlessly integrates with your ERP system. Our built-in catalog synchronization tool allows for exchanging data directly with any SQL databases or via a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.You can install a Microsoft Outlook plugin and Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser extensions.
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