Moving work forward
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Turn your ideas into actionable items.
Create a task, set a goal, and add team members.
Tasks are only visible to their participants, so your sensitive information is protected.
Communicating in Pyrus is as easy as texting, but is much more practical.
Messages are aligned toward a task’s goal, and threads for different tasks don’t overlap.
Get your business process automated in minutes.
Create a form, define approval steps, and add participants — no coding required.
Integrate it with your favorite CRM, ERP, or accounting system.
Share Any File
Attach relevant documents to tasks or forms and discuss them in secure environment.
Share updates as you iterate towards a final revision.
Pyrus supports Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive — just paste a file’s URL into a task and you’re good to go.
Everything At Your Fingertips
Find messages instantly by entering a keyword or a person’s name.
Organize tasks in colored lists, add friendly reminders, and split bigger tasks into smaller subtasks.
Each task has a unique link for easily referring to any decision in the future.
Access Anywhere
Pyrus works on any device, from your laptop to your smartwatch, even when you’re offline.
Everything is in sync. We’ll keep your place so you can always pick up wherever you left off.
iPhone & iPad

Pyrus is free for an unlimited number of users

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