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Zero Inbox Task Management

Structured Communication

Pyrus combines tracking tasks and chatting about them in an easy-to-use interface. Open a task in Pyrus instead of sending a message. Add people and share files - everything is in one place.

Having conversations within tasks is as easy as using email, but much more convenient for work purposes.

Delegate and Track

Every task in Pyrus has a single person responsible for it at any moment of time. It helps bringing everyone on the same page.

Assign a due date. No task is ever lost. It’s always clear who’s supposed to do the next step.

Organize Your Inbox

Hide a task when you don’t need to act. Snooze a task when you want a friendly reminder. Unsubscribe from a task that's just been FYI. Archive a task when it’s done.

Work the way you like to. Get notifications on your phone or watch, when your action is requested.

Secure Collaboration

Tasks are private communication channels. Nobody will have access to your thread unless you specifically ask them to participate.
Manage access levels within your organization. Work with your business partners and your colleagues in a single secure environment. Link related tasks without disclosing sensitive information.
Secure Collaboration

Search Everything

Find your messages instantly. Refer to tasks with a link, when you need to pull up any decision in the future.
Split a big task into completely isolated subtasks. Each one has its own assignee, due date, files, and participants.
Search Everything

Access Anywhere

Pyrus works on any device, from your laptop to your smartwatch, even when you’re offline. Everything is in sync. We’ll keep your place so you can always pick up wherever you left off.
Coming soon to Android
Search Everything

Pyrus is free for an unlimited number of users*