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Pyrus API v4

The Pyrus API platform allows to build highly customized integrations in any programming language.

  • Developers can extend their applications by adding Pyrus functionality, like mobile document approvals.
  • CIOs can establish two-way communication between Pyrus and their corporate IT system.

The Pyrus API provides two ways to integrate:

  • API. Your application calls Pyrus when an event occurs. For example, you might automatically create a task for the legal department to prepare documents for court if someone is more than 90 days late on payment.
  • Webhooks. Pyrus calls your application via the HTTP request to the web service. For example, a vendor's credit limit in the accounting system needs to be checked within the payments approval.
Get Started

Use the Pyrus Sync application for simple actions like regular data import to Pyrus, regular form register export or automatic syncronization of catalogs. Go to the Pyrus Sync documentation

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