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The API methods are only accessible via the secure HTTPS-channel.

You can receive the address where the API methods are located in Cloud Pyrus, via an authorization request (, see api_url and files_url. Note that the examples in our Help Center use

Each API request must have an HTTP Authorization header:

Authorization: Bearer access_token.

You can find instructions for getting an access_token in the Authorization section.

Data formats

GET request parameters are passed via the URL. Use urlencode to get rid of special characters that aren’t a letter or number.

POST request parameters and all server responses are passed in JSON format.

Dates are passed in ISO 8601 format. Date value is always in UTC.

The decimal point separates an integer from its fractional part.

Empty fields are never returned in the response.

The Pyrus API attempts to return the most appropriate HTTP Status Code for each request. In case of an error, additional information is provided containing the fields: error — error message and error_code.

You can find a description of the most common errors in the Errors & Limits section.

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