Service rating

Receive feedback from customers on each request, analyze the work of employees and improve the quality of your service.

You can receive feedback from customers who submit requests by email, or through Telegram, Viber, VKontakte or Facebook.

When service rating is enabled, along with the notification that their case is resolved, the customer is invited to rate the quality of your service by clicking on one of several emoticons, corresponding to a rating from five (dark green) to one (red). They can also leave a comment, describing in more detail what pleased them, and what didn’t.

You can read the comment and see the rating directly in the Pyrus request. However, this option is available only to the form administrator. You can also always see general statistics on how satisfied customers are with the quality of service, or filter this data by specific managers or channels. This information is available in the Summary of the form to which the service rating is connected.

How to connect

To connect service ratings open the customization of the Customer case form. In the Integration section, click Service evaluation and click the switch to the Enabled position. Here you can also personalize the text of the message customers receive, asking them to rate the quality of service.

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