If you need to involve developers in solving a problem, assign them a task in Jira directly from Pyrus. You don’t need to create a Jira account.
Let’s say you need to connect your developers to some task. You can task them in Jira directly from Pyrus. And for this you do not need to create accounts in Jira for all employees of the company. If the extension is enabled, each task has a Jira block and a plus sign. If you click on it, a task with data from Pyrus will appear in Jira; and a link to the associated Jira task will appear in Pyrus.

How to connect

To set up the integration, you need a Jira account with admin rights.

  1. Go to the form in Pyrus to which you want to connect Jira. Open the Settings tab and select Jira in the Extensions section. Specify the site address in Jira in the form https: // and the details of the account on whose behalf requests will be created.
  2. Next, set up the project and the type of request, which will be indicated when creating a task in Jira, and click Finish. If needed, the settings can be changed during the creation of each linked Jira task.

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