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Pyrus integrations

Pyrus can share data with the software you already use, like your CRM or ERP program, messenger app, or cloud storage system. This makes your day-to-day tasks simpler, reduces your overall workload, and helps eliminate the errors associated with manual data entry.

Handling service tickets

Suppose your clients use different channels to reach out to your support staff. Some contact you via email, some use a form on your website, and others use the good old telephone. No matter which channel they use, your support team receives and processes each ticket in Pyrus. All tickets are stored in the register, and all relevant statistics and KPIs can be found on the dashboard. Use canned responses to quickly respond to frequently asked questions.

Our telephony integration will let your support specialists quickly identify clients, see their ticket history, and process tickets faster.

Synchronizing client details with Pyrus forms

Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL


By integrating Pyrus with your CRM or ERP system, you can add your entire customer base to Pyrus. This lets you monitor client statistics and use client details in forms. You can synchronize the data directly using databases, Excel files, or software like amoCRM.

Working with files

Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, One Drive

You can upload files from these cloud storage systems for use in tasks and workflows — no additional tools needed.

Integration tools

Pyrus Sync lets you synchronize Excel and SQL databases with Pyrus. You can also use this tool to export data from Pyrus and make backups.

Pyrus API is an open API that lets you add Pyrus functionality to your app and set up a data exchange between Pyrus and your corporate IT system.

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