Requests from Instagram comments

Do your clients ask for your assistance through Instagram? Pyrus can make their IG comments into requests in your Inbox, so you can start working on them right away. When you reply to your clients right from Pyrus, your messages appear as Instagram comments.

If this is the client’s first comment on a post by your company, Pyrus creates a new request with the name of the sender, and the message. If more comments by the client appear in the same thread, they can either each generate a new request, or be added onto the existing one — it’s up to you.

How to connect and set up the extension

1. First, you set up your IG account.

Important! You can connect the extension only if you have a Business or Creator account, and your company must have a Facebook page attached to it.

Open the Instagram mobile app, go into Profile settings, click Account, then Upgrade to a pro account. Then, follow the suggestions in the app to allow Instagram to manage your FB pages. If you don’t have a Facebook page, you can create it right from the Business account settings.

2. Go into the user section in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Extension, and hit Instagram.

Important! Only Manager rights grant you access to the Extension section from your user profile.

Pyrus Tip: you can also connect the function directly from a selected form. To do this, go into the Forms section in the left menu, and select the one you need:

Open the Configure page, and select Instagram from the list of available extensions:

3. Select the form to be used to create requests from comments.

In the window that opens, click on Set up.

4. Now, you need to connect the information from the comment to the Instagram post and the fields of the selected form. You can do this easily, by clicking on the Create new fields.

All set! The request generated from the comment will feature the name of the sender, the message itself, a link to the Instagram user profile, and a link to the post that was commented on.

5. Next, you have to decide how you want to receive additional comments from the client in the thread. You can select for each new comment to generate a new request, or for additional comments on the same thread to be added to the existing request. Make your selection, and hit Save.

6. Connect the Instagram account by signing in with Facebook. Enter your login and password.

Select the Instagram account you want to connect.

Make sure to give Pyrus all the necessary permissions to interact with the Instagram account.

7. Now, you can activate your extension. As soon as a post is commented on, this comment will now immediately appear as a Pyrus request.

To reply to your client directly from Pyrus, click on the Instagram icon in the block where you enter your comment.

Disconnecting the extension

To delete the extension, go into its Settings.

Press Reset / Turn off settings.

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