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Live chat for websites

Live chat and messaging attracts new customers and collects feedback instantly from site visitors. It’s a fast and effective way to offer help without interrupting their experience. When a site visitor sends you a message in chat, your support team will see a new ticket in Pyrus.

Live chat features:

  • The chat interface is fully customizable. You can give it the same look and feel as the rest of your site.
  • Users can attach files (like screenshots and documents) to the message.
  • The chat saves the full conversation history.

How to embed live chat into your site

  1. Open the form configuration page. In the Integrations section, click Web widget.

  2. Customize your chat.

    You can set chat title, welcome message, button name and color, and team avatar in the Settings section.

    To edit the chat settings, click on the Settings section. You can pick one of the standard colors or set a different one in HTML color codes, for example #F5F5F5. If there is no avatar in the operator’s profile in Pyrus, the standard image will be used in the chat. You can change it to a company logo or something else entirely.

    Note: if you’ve changed chat settings after pasting the code into the site, its appearance will automatically change after saving.

  3. Add a chat script to the site’s pages.

    Copy and paste the code below and add it between <head></head> on every page where you want the widget to appear.

How to turn off live chat

To remove the chat function from your site, switch the toggle button in the Status line to Disabled.

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