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Canned responses

Canned responses are text templates you can use for communicating with clients or colleagues. They come in handy when you need to answer frequently asked questions or update clients on the status of their ticket.

To add a canned response, click on the message icon and choose an answer from the list.

Pyrus has a few pre-installed response templates, but you can add your own as well.

Configuring canned responses

To enable canned responses, go to the form configuration page and click on Canned responses in the Integrations section.

On the left you’ll find response categories and on the right you’ll find the responses themselves.

To create a category, click on Add folder, enter a title and hit Save.

To create a response, select a category on the left and click on Add canned response. Enter the text in the pop-up window and save your changes. You can use custom placeholders with the format ${form field name}, like ${Name} or ${Email}, in your canned responses. They’ll be filled out automatically with whatever information appears in the corresponding form fields, like the client’s name or email address.

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