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What Pyrus Sync can do

Update catalog data from other systems

Suppose you have a list of contractors in some accounting software or CRM system, and want to set up a Pyrus process for them, say, approving new jobs. You want to have this list in Pyrus, and it will be called “Contractors” catalog. You want this list to always be up-to-date so you don’t have to update two software systems when a new contract is added.

Pyrus Sync allows you to configure catalog synchronization with external software. It automatically checks for any changes in the source data and updates the Pyrus catalog as necessary. The delay in update depends on your bandwidth and the amount of data to move. It generally varies from five seconds to ten minutes.

Schedule your export requests

So you’ve configured a request approval workflow in Pyrus and want to regularly export all approved requests for further processing in an external system; you can do this via Pyrus Sync. For example, you can export a list of invoices approved in Pyrus to be imported into accounting software, or export approved contracts to store them in the corporate electronic archive.

If you set up the schedule, Pyrus Sync will export the information as a CSV file at the required time, including all changes since the last export. This file can be used by CRM systems, accounting software, and other programs (though they may require additional configuration).

How to configure a registry export

Making backups

Pyrus Sync allows you to make backup copies of the information you store in Pyrus: all tasks and the files attached to them. Backup copies are stored on your hard drive or on a server.

How to make a backup copy

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