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Attaching files and documents

Pyrus supports sharing attachments of any file type. Attach files directly to the task description or to comments.

From a computer

There are two ways to attach a file that you have saved on your computer:

  • Click Attach files next to the paperclip icon and browse to find the file.

  • An even easier way is to simply drag the file into the task window.

From cloud services

If the files are stored in a cloud, copy the file link and paste it into the comment field.

Integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Microsoft OneDrive allows you to attach files stored in these cloud systems via a special dialog box.

Each of these integrations has its own set of access rights associated with their files. Our integration does not change your files’ access rights whatsoever, so you may also need to share the file with your colleagues after attaching it to a task.

Pyrus Tip: If your files are stored in the cloud, copy the file link and paste it into the comment field.

Viewing files attached to a task

When you attach a file, it will appear in the task history and in the Files section of the info panel.

Pyrus has a built-in file viewer supporting DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, PNG, JPEG, and GIF files, letting you preview documents or images attached to tasks without downloading them.

Just click on a file’s icon to preview it.

You can also select the Preview mode in the menu next to the file name.

The attachment opens up in a pop-up window. You can browse through multi-page PDF files using the arrows at the bottom of the window.

Available disk space

All paid Pyrus plans come with 100 GB of cloud storage space. You can check how much space is left in the Organization section. Click the profile photo in the top right corner and select the corresponding item from the dropdown menu.

Disk Space Used shows how much disk space your company is using.

You can purchase more disk space at any time. Please contact us for details.

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