Pyrus Search is a quick way to find teammates or any information contained in your tasks. Search checks comments in all the tasks you have access to.

The Search box is located at the top of the page.

Start typing a search query and Pyrus will display the most recent results. For example, if you search for “new” Pyrus will immediately show you recent tasks containing this word in their subjects, descriptions and comments.

Start typing a colleague’s name or email address and Pyrus will find the person.

Click the name to display the list of your colleague's tasks you have access to.

If you're using lists they can be helpful in tracking down specific tasks. For example, you need to quickly find a campaign task you delegated to a colleague. Type in the person's name and the name of the list in the search field, and Pyrus will only show you the tasks within that list he or she participates in.

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