User permissions

Permissions define what an user can do in Pyrus. To view or change someone’s permissions, open up his or her profile page.

  1. Click on the person’s name from the User Management page in Members section.
  2. Click the field in the Privileges section. Only an Administrator — an user with maximum permissions — can see this section.
  3. Set the user’s permissions and click Save.

There are four roles a person can have, each with its own permissions.

  • Administrator: Has all of privileges below.
  • Organization manager:Manages users and their roles. This type of user can invite or dismiss users, and can edit their account privileges.
  • Accountant: Runs the finances. Can add funds to the account, view billing history, and receive invoices.
  • Supervisor: Can access all tasks and forms created by any member of the organization, generate performance reports, and back up data.
  • Configuration Manager: Changes an organization's settings, manages bots and integrations, deletes tasks created by other members, and edits an organization's catalogs.

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