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Event log

The event log stores information about user activity in Pyrus.

The log shows who did what and when they did it, as well as the IP address of the device they used.

Note: Only a user with Supervisor rights can access the event log.

What Pyrus logs

  • Failed login attempts.
  • Password changes.
  • Reading a task without direct access. This record appears if a supervisor who’s not participating in a task accesses this task via an efficiency report.
  • Form-related activities: creating or deleting a form, changing form fields, changing workflow steps, adding or removing form managers, and importing / exporting a register. To learn more, you can click on the name of the change and Pyrus will show you exactly what was modified. In the example below, clicking on changed field reveals that Bruce Ferguson checked the Include in title box in the field’s settings. To see the field’s previous value, click on the three dots in the details section.

You can use the Author and Events filters to see a specific employee’s actions, or the changes made to a specific form. You can use them both at once.

You can also look up a form’s individual events. To do this, click on Activity at the bottom of the Configure tab. Pyrus will direct you to that form’s event log.

Note: information in the event log is stored for 6 months.

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