Creating an organization in Pyrus

Since Pyrus is designed for collaboration, each account belongs to an organization or a team working on a common task. To create a new organization account in Pyrus just enter your email address, and click Sign Up or Log In.

Confirm the address, fill out the fields in the next window and click Next.

You will be directed to the Your team page. From here, you can invite your colleagues to join Pyrus. You can type in their email addresses or access them via your Google contacts. Click Search my Google contacts, grant Pyrus permission to access your contacts, and choose people you want to invite from the dropdown list.

Skip this step if you want to add all of your teammates at once. Pyrus can provide an invitation link to share with your colleagues via email or messenger. When they click on the link, they join your Pyrus organization.

Skip these two steps entirely if you don’t want to add teammates yet. You can always do it later. More on inviting teammates to Pyrus.

Your team's account with the specified organization name is ready to use. You and your colleagues can now communicate on business issues in Pyrus.

To learn how to use all the advantages of team work in Pyrus, see Working on tasks together.

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