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Blocking user's account

If you want to prevent your employee from accessing Pyrus (e.g., after the person is dismissed), you can easily block a user account on the user profile page.

1. Go to the user profile in any way convenient to you.

  • Click the person’s name on the User Management page.

  • You can also find the person using the search and click the name.

  • Another option: go to the profile directly from the task page.

2. Click Block at the bottom of the page.

3. Select who will inherit the tasks assigned to the blocked user and then click Block.

Blocked users are displayed in the Terminated group on the User Management page.

A blocked user cannot access their Pyrus account. The user will be automatically logged out on their every device running Pyrus, and the user data will be deleted from mobile devices. If you want to reactivate the user in your corporate Pyrus account, hover the cursor over the line with their name and click Restore.

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