Blocking user's account

If you want to prevent an employee from accessing Pyrus (e.g. after he or she is dismissed from work), you can easily block a user account on the User management page.

  1. Go to the User management page by clicking on your avatar or initials, then again on Members.
  2. Select the account you want to block from the list and click on Block.
  3. Now designate who will inherit the tasks assigned to the user who was just blocked, then click Block.

That person will receive a separate task with the lists, roles, tasks and workflows that used to belong to the dismissed employee.

You can also block a user from his or her profile page. There are two ways to access it:

  • Click on the employee’s avatar or initials next to a task assigned to him or her.
  • Go to the employee’s profile from within the task.

Click on Block in the lower part of the employee’s profile.

By default, the blocked user won’t appear on the User management page. To see blocked users, select Show all in the right-hand corner.

A blocked user cannot access their Pyrus account. The user will be automatically logged out on each of their devices running Pyrus, and their user data will be deleted from the devices as well. If you want to reactivate the user in your corporate Pyrus account, click on Restore next to the user’s name.

To restore several people at once, check the boxes next to their names and click Restore.

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