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Inviting new contacts

Pyrus is made for teams. You can use it by yourself, but you make the most of it when you connect with your colleagues. You can enter contacts into Pyrus at the registration stage, or at any other time. You can invite one person at a time, or a whole group.

Inviting contacts to Pyrus

  1. To invite a new contact, click Add people in the panel on the left. Enter your contact’s email, and click Add.

    Tip: you can also create a task, and enter your colleague’s email in the “assigned to” field. That way, your colleagues receive the task along with the invitation to join you in Pyrus.

  2. Add a co-worker from your company. By clicking on the link your new contact receives by email, they can join your team in Pyrus. The invitations you have sent to colleagues are shown at the bottom of the page. You can resend them as well as withdraw sent invitations if you need to.

Adding groups

If you are ready to transfer your whole company into Pyrus, you can add contacts en masse, or send a special link.

Adding contacts en masse

Open the Add people tab, enter your colleague's email addresses and click Add.

Sending contacts a link

If you don’t feel like typing in email addresses, you can send your colleagues a link. Open the Add people tab. You will see a link, which you can copy, and send it to your colleagues through the company messenger, or in a group email.

After clicking on the link, all your contact has to do is register by entering their email address, and activating it. Once they’ve done this, they are part of your organization in Pyrus.

Synchronizing your Pyrus account with your Google contacts

Synchronize your Pyrus account with your Google contacts, and you won’t have to look for your contacts’ email addresses to add them to your organization’s account in Pyrus. Just start typing your contact’s name in the task or in the email field, and Pyrus will show you the options. As soon as you send your contact a task, they will receive notification of the task, and a link to activate their account.

Synchronize your contacts when you create your organization’s account, or at any time after that. Just click on the icon with your initials or photo, go into Preferences and click Synchronize now at the bottom of the page.

Helping your colleagues take their first steps

Here are a few tips that will help your colleagues learn to use Pyrus, faster:

  • Send them this article How to begin;
  • Add them to tasks they might find interesting;
  • Suggest that they assign tasks to you in Pyrus, rather than sending an email, or a messenger message.

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