Clients often write messages to the group or leave comments under the posts on the company’s page in VK. Working with this type of request in Pyrus is convenient: it turns messages and comments into tasks without missing a single one.

The customer messages your community on VKontakte, and their comments under posts on your page are automatically sent to Pyrus as new tasks. Answer the client in the task comments, and the client will see your answers in the correspondence, or in their VKontakte comment thread.

Include colleagues in the discussion of the task as needed, using the task’s internal correspondence window. The client will not see these messages.

Use the Ready Replies feature to answer recurring questions, such as cost or shipping terms. This will save your employees several work hours.

How to connect

Connect your company’s VKontakte account to the customer’s request form in Pyrus.

  1. Enter the user section, select the Extensions tab and click the VKontakte icon. Select the form to which you want to connect the extension. To receive messages from VK, Pyrus will request permission for the Pyrus VK app. Click Allow.
  2. To go to settings, click Configure on the extension page. To distribute the incoming information among the form fields, click Create Missing Fields and Save. Select the page or group from which you want to receive messages.
  3. Specify the page API token. The token can be viewed in the “Managing Your Page” section, on the “Working with API” tab.
    4.Click Activate for the extension to work.

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