Send notifications and communicate with clients wherever it's convenient for them – SMS, WhatsApp, VK, Viber.

Customer Notifications

  • Message with a link for product/payment invoice
  • Authorization code notification
  • Order status notification
  • Product payment notification
  • Sending a tracking number for product delivery
  • Delivery status notification
  • Notification about new arrivals, discounts, and promotions

Manager Notifications

  • Notification of a new task
  • Notification of product availability
  • Notification of the need to take action regarding a transaction

Integration Features

  • Sending SMS, Telegram-, Viber-, VK- and WhatsApp messages on behalf of your brand
  • Message personalization using variable
  • Quick plugin setup
  • Technical support and integration assistance
    To set up message delivery from Pyrus, you need to have an account with Messaggio. In your Messaggio account, confirm the offer, register the sender name on the desired channel, such as SMS, and top up your balance. Connect the Messaggio plugin to Pyrus and complete the integration by specifying the settings.

How to connect

This widget allows you to connect Messaggio as your SMS broadcasting provider. To set it up, you'll need to not only find the widget in the Pyrus extensions marketplace but also configure your account in Messaggio. Our step-by-step guide will walk you through this process.

Messaggio Account Setup and Obtaining Necessary Settings

  1. First and foremost, create an account in the Messaggio personal dashboard. Using this account, you'll be able to receive notifications about low balance and top up your account. All broadcast activity, delivery statistics, and sender names used will be stored in your account.
  2. To get started, accept the terms of the public offer on behalf of your company. In your personal dashboard, click "Continue" on the pinned notification under the menu and follow the prompts. Once your application is reviewed, you can proceed to register the sender name for your SMS messages.

Typically, the verification of the application to join the offer takes no more than 1 business day.
3. Create a Sender ID in your Messaggio dashboard.
The activation time of the sender name depends on the channel in which it is registered:
SMS: 3-15 days, depending on the mobile operator.
Viber: 1-5 days.
VK: 1-3 days.

Moderation of the sender name includes checking for compliance with the conditions and requirements of SMS broadcasting. For more information on registering the sender name for SMS, refer to the "Senders" section.

  1. To obtain the necessary settings for sending messages, there's just a little left to do: Generate an API secret key in your Messaggio personal dashboard. To do this, go to the "Settings" section, then click the gear icon in the project corner.
  2. In the project edit mode, switch to the "API Settings" tab and click "Generate Key" and save your changes.
  3. Go to the "Detailed Information" section, copy the key and login.

Connecting the Extension and Configuring in Pyrus

  1. Log in to Pyrus and go to the "Settings" section. Find the Messaggio plugin in the extension catalog and click "Install."
  2. Create a form in the "Form" tab.
  3. Add the created form to the Messaggio application so that you can send messages. To do this, go to Settings, select the Messaggio extension.
  4. After adding the form, a new window will open where you need to link your Messaggio account with your Pyrus account. Click "Connect an account."
  5. When you click the "Connect an account" button, you will be redirected to the Messaggio platform's personal dashboard. Provide your login and password to authorize in the dashboard.
  6. Once you are authorized in the Messaggio personal dashboard, you will be taken to a page to choose the sender name that will be used for sending messages from the Pyrus platform.
  7. After selecting the sender name, you will be returned to the form settings to which you connected the Messaggio account. In the "Settings" tab, you can add any missing fields for data exchange between Pyrus and Messaggio or connect existing ones. This is necessary for Messaggio to understand from which name to send messages and where to send them.
  8. The final step to start interacting with clients through message sending is to click the "Activate" button in the form.
  9. Configuration of the extension is complete! Now you can communicate with clients in the "Tasks" tab and receive messages from them if the Viber channel is being used.

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