Templates for recurring payments and other February updates

New Pyrus features for February: creating and blocking dates in the Members report, opening an attached file in a new tab, and asking for a new decision in a task.

Recurring forms for regular events

Dates are known in advance for tasks like regular payments. Now you can make those forms recur regularly, and Pyrus will do the rest. Just fill in the form fields and make it recurrent. The form will automatically be created at the scheduled time and sent for approval.



Re-approving tasks

You can make your decisions in a task using Approve, Acknowledge, or Disagree. You can find all statuses sent by other participants in the Participants section in the right panel.

To request a decision from a colleague again, click on the icon next to the colleague’s name.

The decision will be revoked, and a comment mentioning the colleague will appear in the task. This makes it clear that you’re expecting them to take action on something.



Viewing an attached file in a new tab

It’s sometimes convenient to open a task and attached documents in different tabs. For example, an accountant might open a task in one window and an invoice in another to compare information. To do this, just click on the Open in new tab icon in the top menu.



Dates when members were created or blocked

Now you can see the dates when a user was added or blocked in the downloaded Excel file. Go to the User management page and export the report. The dates in the downloaded file will be noted in the Creation date and the Block date columns.