More flexibility in hiding fields, multichoice in the catalogs, and other form updates in Pyrus

This month we have a few very useful updates for those of our users who use forms. These updates will make setting up your business processes easier, and the processes themselves even more streamlined and convenient.

Field visibility, depending on the Catalog field element

When you’re filling out a request, you need different fields to open, depending on what you’re trying to do. If you’re paying an organization, you’ll need to provide its name, its Tax ID, and official information about the company; if you’re paying a freelancer, you’ll be filling in different fields.

You have already been able to hide fields by using the Multiple Choice and Check Mark field types. In March we added the Catalog field type to this list.

More about field visibility settings in forms

We have also released a long-awaited update for users who fill out forms in the iOS mobile app: field visibility by type is now fully supported.

One more update for Catalog type fields: you can now select several entries at once

To set up this feature: go to the field settings panel in form template editor, and check off Selection type to Multiple.

You can now include a duplicates check for requests in your Workflow
This function helps track down request duplicates in the system, and saves time in processing them. It can help prevent duplicate payments of the same invoice, for example.

Once you send the completed request, Pyrus tells you the request has a twin copy. You decide whether to close it, double check the information in the form, or send it to the appropriate parties for coordination. You can now do all of this automatically, with a couple of clicks.

Withdrawn approvals are now visible in the comments

If a user made a decision and then went back on it, the withdrawn approval will appear in gray in the comments thread. No more being confused by approvals that have been recalled.

Stay safe!