An e-signature, an even smarter search, and an updated calendar

October updates: you can now sign with your finger right on your phone or tablet, search by catalog item, and monitor requests using a form in the calendar.

Pyrus’ advanced search function is now even smarter. You can now search not only by assignee, author, participants and keywords that may or may be found in the task, but also by catalog item. In the selected business process, Pyrus will find the task by the contents of the catalog associated with that task. For example, it will select all the requests by branches (catalog) locations (item). We know this update will make some people very happy.

More about the Pyrus search

Forms now have a Signature field. For fast approvals, and signing papers from anywhere. This is good for those who have gone paperless, and works with clients outside of the office: for example, people who process credit applications; reports on damage to cars, or other rental equipment; fills out insurance claims or incident reports; or provides courier services. You can sign right on your phone or tablet with your finger, a stylus, or the cursor. We are doing what we can to preserve the environment.

More about form field types

Tasks with deadlines, created using a form, are now visible in the calendar. All your tasks appear in your Pyrus daily calendar, in a compact but conspicuous way. Whether you’re getting payouts approved, contracts signed, or processing requests for technical or client support, this feature will help you process all kinds of requests on time.

Working with files attached to a task is now easier. Once a file has been updated, the icon of the previous version now shows a notification, and a link to the latest version of the file. This makes searching for the right file much easier.

See you soon!