Adding companies to Pyrus; status messages; formatting text in comments

This Fall, we have released some important updates to improve the way you work with your colleagues, clients, and partners in Pyrus.

You can now easily add a whole partner company to Pyrus. If you have clients or contractors, add them to Pyrus as an organization, and work on projects together. All the employees of your partner company will see each other in Pyrus, and do their work on a single platform. Then, when they are ready, they can take over managing the company profile. Once that happens, they can invite colleagues and manage tasks in Pyrus themselves.

Adding contractors is absolutely free for you. They will see only the tasks you have added them to, and will not have access to your internal announcements and other materials.

Configuring Pyrus for working with business partners

You now have personal status messages. Display a preset status message on your profile, or write your own. Have fun adding a personal touch by using emojis!

Your status tells your co-workers where you are: on a work trip, at a conference, or on vacation. This is especially important for client support services, where response time is essential.

Quoting, and formatting your comments. You can now format the messages you exchange in your tasks, and quote your colleagues’ messages. Though this function is familiar to all who use messengers and social networks, you won’t find it in many systems used by corporations. You can now highlight text in your comments, format it as a list, and so on.

The button that opens the text formatting control panel is at the bottom of the entry field, but the control panel itself opens on the top:

To quote a comment, scroll the cursor over it. You will see an arrow in its top right section. Click on the arrow, and the quoted text will appear above the text entry field.

This is only the part of the big complex of updates coming out this Fall. See you soon!