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Reduce the Number of Emails in Your Inbox

With Pyrus the process of assigning tasks and controlling their fulfillment is easy and enjoyable. With Pyrus, your inbox is your to-do list. There's no need to switch between different applications: everything is available from a single user-friendly interface. Tasks can be scheduled and followed up on to their completion.

All communication in a single place

Assign Tasks in Pyrus Instead of Your Mailbox

All communication in a single place. Log in to Pyrus and you’ll see our Smart Inbox folder. There will be only tasks that require your attention. No spam or personal emails.

While sorting out your Inbox folder, you decrease the number of tasks that require immediate actions. Do your work, or delegate a task to a colleague for further processing.

Assign tasks in Pyrus instead of your mailbox
In Pyrus it’s easy to interlink previous communications and approvals, as every task has its own unique URL.
Every task can be divided into subtasks. Subtasks are independent of each other and have their own assigned persons, due dates, and access rights. Files and correspondence from the original task can be copied into a subtask.
Important tasks go to the Following folder. This lets you get updates as soon as they’re processed by the assigned persons.
Approve or reject tasks. If your participation is no longer required, you can unsubscribe from a task and no further updates will bother you.
Completed tasks will automatically return to their authors. An author can check their status and reopen a task if required.
Smart Inbox

Smart Inbox

In Pyrus all the tasks assigned to you or requiring your action can be seen in the Inbox folder.
Track important tasks

Track Important Tasks

Follow important tasks where you’re not participating, but want to stay updated.
Schedule beforehand

Schedule Beforehand

Plan future tasks and they’ll appear in your Inbox at a predefined date.
Monitor completion

Monitor Completion

Tasks are moved from your Inbox as soon as you complete them or assign to another person.