Signing Up or Logging In to Pyrus

There is a common page to sign up or log in to Pyrus. Enter your email address, and click Sign Up or Log In.

New account

Click Yes to create your new account.

If your organization already has a Pyrus account, click Request access to the organization. Enter your first and last name, then click Continue. You will receive a link. Send that link to your organization’s administrator to have your account approved. When your account is ready, you will receive a notification email.

If your organization doesn’t have a Pyrus account yet, click Register new organization. Enter your first name, last name, organization, and number of employees in the user registration form, then click Next. Visit our Creating an organization in Pyrus page for more details.

Already have an account

Click Request one-time access code, and you will receive an email message with a secure one-time Pyrus access key (the message contains the code and the link).

You can also set a password. In this case, you will be able to access the system using either a password or a one-time access code.

Or alternatively, you can always log in to Pyrus with your Google Account.

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