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Document Management Made Easy

In Pyrus it’s convenient to approve any documents, decisions, and requests in a single user interface from any device. From now on you can forget about endless emails where it's so easy to lose track of communication. Creating new steps for approval, changing routing rules, receiving new reports – all those tasks are accomplished by business users themselves, and don’t require a budget, specification, or IT department’s time.

Create a Task with Attached Documents

Create a Task with Attached Documents
Every team member can see a task in his Inbox folder, where they can either approve or reject it, or create a comment.
Participants for the next step won’t see a task unless all participants from previous steps have expressed their opinion.
Request repeated approvals.
Change documents based on approval remarks and attach the new document version.
You can complete a task as soon as the document is approved.

As a result, you enjoy much faster document approvals, making your daily work more productive. Documents are ready for printing and archiving, whereas their electronic copies are always on hand.

Business communication

Business Communication

Questions and suggestions sometimes arise during approval steps. With Pyrus it’s easy to start business communication without email or IM use.
Approval via mobile apps

Approval via Mobile Apps

It’s also effortless to approve documents in Pyrus mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
Photo gallery

Photo Gallery

In Pyrus it’s easy to control remote departments with photo reports. They can be scrolled and approved in a snap.
Project setup

Project Setup

Standard approval scenarios are stored in every project's settings. When you choose a particular project, workflow routing will be added automatically.