‘We have to move toward the future.’ — Edgar Bustos

When you ask Edgar Bustos — Service Manager at Supertec Machinery, Inc. — what his company does, he answers swiftly and simply: ‘We manufacture machines.’ Founded in 1954 as a bicycle parts manufacturer, the company has maintained its motto of ‘Quality and Innovation’ as they have developed line after line of precision machinery. Based in Taiwan, with 12 locations on 4 continents, Supertec manufactures and installs machinery, and provides on-site technical and customer support and maintenance.

‘We have to move toward the future.’ — Edgar Bustos

Edgar is implementing Pyrus to streamline and hone the workflow at his company. Eight months ago, he compared 8 different products to help him do this, and chose Pyrus, because it’s ‘the easiest one to use.’

‘I use it for almost everything in the company. For example: a customer calls, I start a ticket, and then, if for whatever reason I’m not here, people can just follow that ticket. So, it’s involved in customer service, and I also use it for machine orders, and for testing machines — it helps to go through the whole procedure, without forgetting anything.’

With the mobile app, Edgar’s on-site maintenance and repair personnel are able to work with the tickets in real time, and on location, even if they’re offline.

Edgar’s favorite feature of Pyrus is the advanced search function. ‘It makes everything way easier,’ he says.

‘You guys are constantly improving software, and I’m constantly updating. A recently implemented feature that’s going to help out this company, and I’m guessing a lot of other people, is the Signature feature. Boy, that’s a game changer — I’ll tell you that right now!’