The Tyranny Of Pinging

How often do you find yourself checking in with your employees to get updates on their projects? Before you do it again, you might want to reevaluate your approach.

No one likes being babysat while at work. If you’ve hired the proper people, they’ll buckle down and get done what needs to get done without needing to be pinged by a superior. Instead of emailing a worker to see what’s the latest, just check out the task you’ve assigned them to see what kind of headway he or she is making.

If want an update to the task you have access to, you only need to find the task and read its history. All the progress will be right there, written out as it gets passed from one worker to another. You’re instantly up to date without needing to interrupt anyone from his or her process. You can find specific tasks by browsing the “Recent” tab, or you can search for them using keywords in the search bar.

By default, the tasks are visible only to task participants and company’s supervisor. He or she can turn on the “share” settings, so that everyone sees every task, but this is turned off by default for security reasons.

Because there aren’t any notifications that a supervisor is checking up on a task, no one will feel demoralized if you want to stay in the loop with an occasional update at your convenience. There’s no longer a need to email anyone or bother with the dreaded reply-all function — tasks in Pyrus are always up to date with current progress, so you only need to find and read the task in question.

This leaves your employees feeling more autonomous and you still get to stay updated any time you want. Everyone wins.