The Importance Of Organized Workflow

It can take years to completely set up your workflow. Finding your stride, and what works for your team can take time, it’s not an overnight process, but the payoff is well worth it.  Having a well-tested, thorough workflow will improve both day-to-day and long term operations.

What are some of the benefits of having an organized workflow, however? We’ve compiled a couple of the advantages:

  1. Cut back on redundancy: One thing many offices are plagued by is redundancy. Having a clear cut workflow for your departments and employees can cut back on those mishaps.Group of business people working at office
  2. Improve productivity: By having a set workflow (through Pyrus or other solutions) your team has a well drawn out plan of attack for projects and daily operations.  Having a clear workflow keeps jobs and projects moving forward, and not stuck bouncing back and forth between departments and team members.
  3. Accountability: One of the greatest benefits of having a structured workflow is the accountability aspect. With a solid workflow, your team knows exactly what they are responsible for at the start of a project. The excuse “I didn’t know” becomes completely invalid when your workflow is on point.
  4. Collaboration: Having a workflow that involves multiple departments allows team members to collaborate and nourish bonds in the workplace. A team that works well together will produce better results, it’s that simple.

Essentially, the four points listed above all add up to one thing: better insights. Having a clear workflow that is easy to understand and holds team members accountable means better, more accurate information for you. Seeing which team members are performing best means you can see who your star performers are.

A solid workflow also means you can see exactly where projects are getting held up at in the pipeline. You can then take that information and figure out if it is a workflow issue, a department issue, or a personnel issue, and be better equipped when the next project comes up.