The Benefits Of Working In A Coworking Space


If your company is of an appropriate smaller size, you might consider setting up operations in a coworking space. For those growing businesses that can no longer successfully operate in a home or coffee shop and are beginning to need more space,coworking spaces like WeWork or General Assembly offer a pleasing middle ground for you to work out of before renting dedicated commercial office space.

For a smaller fee, freelancers and small businesses can set up shop in a semi-public space with lots of other companies as neighbors, going about their days doing what they do. The coworking space takes care of the facilities management responsibilities that would usually fall to you if you were renting a conventional commercial space—you’ll never have to clean the bathroom or the kitchen, these fees are included in your rent. All you need to do is your job!

Working out of such spaces can come with excellent benefits; indeed it’s why so many companies opt for such an arrangement.

Coworking spaces almost universally have a more casual vibe. They’re well-decorated, they’re quiet, and there might even be free beer (depending on which space you’re working out of). People are only in coworking spaces to work, so the decor matches this purpose—it will be elegant, understated, yet worth noticing all the same. If you want a soulless, corporate firepit of a workplace, you simply won’t find that here.

You will meet interesting people. When you work in a coworking space, you will be surrounded by entrepreneurs and people making money while chasing their own interests. You will rub elbows with investors on their way to other meetings. Many coworking spaces will offer mixer events for the sake of

It’s way more affordable than commercial real estate. This of course depends on the amount of space you require for your employees, but odds are strong that you’ll only be spending a fraction in a coworking space than what you’d spend to rent out a space in a more-standard office arrangement. Because a coworking space depends on many people only needing small amounts of space, they can charge less of each person.

You’ll never clean the kitchen or bathroom. This common annoyance, whether you do it yourself or hire someone else, is taken care of with your regular rent. The best coworking spaces will have facilities staff on hand to take care of these needs and more.

To get started finding the coworking space best suited to your needs, just search for “[your city] coworking space.” Here, for example, are lists of spaces in New York, San Francisco, and London.