Signs You’re About To Hire The Wrong Person

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If you were to ask a handful of business owners to name one thing that they hated doing, many would probably come back with the same answer: hiring people.

It can take a lot of time interviewing prospective employees, and then you have to actually sit down (whether it’s alone or with HR) and decide who would be the best fit for the position. It can be a stressful time and the quicker you can identify the best candidate, the less time you spend engaged in the process.

When it comes time to hire someone for a specific position there are certain things you should look for before offering the position to them. We’ve compiled a list of signs and warnings to keep an eye out for during the interview process.

Disheveled appearance: You should never judge a book by its cover, but there should be a certain level of professionalism when a potential hire shows up for an interview. If an interviewee can’t be bothered to make a great first impression, think of what you have to look forward to after they’re hired.

Opposing definitions of work/life balance: The manner in which your company conducts business might be a sign that someone isn’t meant for your place of work. If your idea of work ethic is showing up at a certain time each morning and staying until a certain time each evening, then someone who looks at it as “who cares, as long as the job is getting done” might not be a great fit.

Easily distracted during the interview: If your potential hire has the audacity to pull out their cellphone or, I dunno, a Lunchable, during the interview, they obviously value their own time more than the company’s time.

Lone wolves: Unless the position you’re hiring for is a 3rd shift, low interaction job, potential hires that claim to work better alone might not be a great fit. Collaboration is key in business, and your employees should feel the same way. (The reverse of this holds true, however. A self-proclaimed “people person” might not be a good fit for that 3rd shift job.)

Badmouthing former employers: If the person you are interviewing is quick to trash talk former coworkers or bosses, then there is a good chance that person is just a naturally negative and childish person. You don’t want this person bringing negativity to your place of business.

The hiring process can be a pain, but if your potential candidate managed to pass all of the tests above, then there is but one test left to pass: ask yourself if you and your core team could be stuck in an airport with this person for 24 hours. Does the idea of this make you cringe uncontrollably? Or do you breath a sigh of relief?

When deciding on a candidate, team dynamics and the ability to work with same people everyday is of the utmost importance and should always be considered when choosing a new hire.