Pyrus Solves The Problem Of Spam-Happy Coworkers

Have you ever been cc’d on an email that had nothing to do with you? I know I have, and it’s obnoxious and unhelpful. Some might perpetually cc the boss on a task as a motivator to get others to act. But the boss can’t be bothered with every little thing — he or she has bigger-picture projects to see through.

There’s no easy way to take yourself out of the thread unless you specifically ask for it, and that can quickly become a touchy situation at the workplace that’s probably best left alone.

Pyrus has a built-in solution for this. If you no longer want to follow a task for any reason — maybe you were included as a misunderstanding, or someone wants to keep you apprised something you don’t need to follow — you can easily unsubscribe yourself from a task that you don’t want any further communication on. Now you’re free to tackle whatever’s next.

Keep in mind that this is a transparent action. Others will be able to see that you’ve removed yourself from the task, and the only way for them to get you back in it is to manually re-add you. This forces them into being mindful about their communication: “Does so-and-so *need* to be kept in the loop on this?” Removing yourself from a task is a polite, unobtrusive signal that you don’t need to be bothered with a particular item.

The best number of people to have in a team is the smallest number possible that can still get the work done. Why not bring this mentality to task management as well? Email makes it hard. Pyrus makes it easy.