Pyrus Is Better Than Email For Getting Work Done In Every Way

I’ve spent more time juggling email than I can fairly express, and odds are that the same is true for you too. Pyrus can drastically reduce the amount of email you need to send and receive to get your job done in a workday.

It’s an old, familiar story — you start your morning by checking your email, only to find your inbox already bursting out of control. Before you can even do something productive that day, you have to tend to a mix of friendly social messages, customer inquiries, assignments from colleagues, and multi-message threads that, if you’re totally honest with yourself, you have no idea why you were included on them in the first place.

As you go about your day, handling your assignments, updating your superiors on your progress, delegating tasks to others, and generally keeping the ball rolling forward, your inbox continues to fill up in the background. The modern employee ends up being a servant his or her email, and not to your company’s mission. Email as a task management system is a flawed idea that simply doesn’t work anymore. In fact, it’s downright counterproductive.

Pyrus offers a totally new approach to keeping your team on top of its duties. Sure, you’ll log in to each morning to see what has landed in your inbox, but each item is a specific assignment that disappears when you’ve completed it — not just some message that may or may not be important. Your “inbox” is now a perpetually shrinking list of what you need to get done that day.

Tasks in green are due coming up. Tasks in yellow are due today. Those listed in red are overdue. Pyrus is aware of what’s important right now versus what’s important tomorrow, while email makes no such distinctions at all. It’s the smartest to-do list in the world.

My personal favorite feature is that you can simply remove yourself from a group assignment if you can’t figure out why you were included on it. (Try removing yourself from a lengthy email thread. You can’t.)

Some 182 billion emails are sent around the world every 24 hours, costing employees 28% of their workday to stay on top of their correspondence. Pyrus steals this time back for you. How many goals could your team crush with 100% of its workday available for…work?