Over-Tasked and Under-Organized?

3 Reasons Your Team Can’t Get Things Done

Email Inbox Chaos

Your email inbox is a mess: countless unread messages, email threads that end with a meaningless “OK” with no clear sense of what should happen next, and irrelevant CC’d message threads you can’t unsubscribe from. If that is true of your own inbox, chances are the rest of your team is also suffering.

Solution: When companies switch to Pyrus, email use typically drops by 75%. Communication in Pyrus is based on tasks that disappear from your inbox once you delegate or complete them. You can unsubscribe from irrelevant conversation threads. Every task is an action, so it is always clear what needs to be done next.

Missed Tasks, Missed Opportunities

Too often, too many tasks are left undone because the chain of responsibility is murky. Maybe no one followed up with an important sales lead because each team member thought someone else was on it. Maybe you couldn’t effectively cover for a sick team member on a critical day because you had no details on what they were working on.

Solution: In Pyrus, each task has a person responsible for it at all times. When you are done with your part on a task, you can delegate it further. When someone is sick, a manager can easily reassign their work to the rest of the team. No task is ever lost in the shuffle.

You’re Repeating Yourself

Every company has processes and workflows specific to their business. If you’re doing many of them by hand, it’s time to reconsider the human cost, in terms of time saved and tedium avoided, to your team members.

Solution: In Pyrus, you can automate approvals and processes easily, and without need for dedicated IT personnel to configure the software. The system is simple yet flexible, allowing for a wide range of workflows across all industries.