How To Follow Up The Right Way

If part of your job description includes sending follow up emails to clients and potential clients, then you know how much of an tight-rope act it can be. Reach out too much and you become annoying, too little and you’re forgotten. Each email needs to be different, yet memorable with recurring facts and points through different conversation venues. There’s so many things that can make or break your pitch that it can become overwhelming.

If you’re feeling unsure about your follow up technique, we’ve compiled some tips on how to follow up the right way, so check them out below!

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  1. Stay positive and friendly: It can get discouraging sending out follow up emails and never hearing back, don’t let it get to you. Stay positive and friendly with each and every follow up. Refrain from saying things like “Since you haven’t responded,” as it can come off as impatient and rude.
  2. Spread your emails out: Yes, you have deadlines and goals you’re trying to reach, but bombarding your recipients with emails daily, or even every other day, is simply too much. Once a week is generally a good rule to go by. That doesn’t mean send it out at the same time every Monday, experiment with different days, maybe your prospect is busy on Mondays, but has more time for email on Wednesday.
  3. Switch it up: If you’re privy to more than just their email address, don’t hesitate to try reaching out to them by phone. Some people simply prefer to talk about business over a good old fashioned phone call. Depending on your line of work, and the people you’re following up with, social media can be a good way to get their attention, but definitely don’t go overboard with your “@” tweets, that’s a quick way to become annoying.
  4. Maintain your message: You most certainly don’t want to copy-paste the same follow up week after week, but you still should maintain a list of key points and messages that resonate through each pitch. Your approach can change, and even some of your talking points, but there should be talking points through your entire conversation string – even if that string is one sided for awhile.

There’s a plethora of factors to take into account when following up with clients, everyone is different and at the end of the day getting that successful follow up sometimes comes down to simply being at the right place at the right time, and that’s why, above all else, persistence is key when perfecting the follow up.