How To Create And Route Tests In Pyrus

Your company’s image among its clients is built partially from the impressions you give during the communication process. If the employees deliver different information that what was expected that can lead to confusion among the team and customer base. One of the best and the most efficient ways of checking the employees’ knowledge base of the most actual information is through testing. Pyrus can help you with that; let’s see how we can create a simple test in Pyrus.

First, you’ll need to create a form with questions. You should add two system fields: “Author” and “Created Date”, which are filled automatically so you will be able to see that information in the Registry.


The answers may be in number form, text, or even lists. How an employee responds to the questions can be a telltale sign of how the employee actually feels about the company, so we will set up routing for that form.


You see, when an employee chooses some potentially harmful answers, we can route the test to the HR department, that way they’ll be able to react accordingly.

Now, the setup is complete. Let’s see how it looks for an employee.


After the form is filled, it is automatically forwarded to an HR Manager. The HR Manager may analyze each result separately or just look at the registry to see the trends.


To discover more insights from that data you may download the Registry as an Excel file and process it in any way you see fit.