How Pyrus Works With The Apple Watch

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Pyrus and the Apple Watch make a great team.

Considering that it relies entirely on your smartphone to push interesting data to your wrist, your Apple Watch is an inherently limited device, but there’s one use case that’s brilliant.

The short 10-word notification viewed on your watch instead of your phone can change the way you interact with your phone—suddenly it is not the cumbersome thing you need to remove from a pocket or bag to check. You now have a heads-up display for your device that you can check as easily as the time, and oh yeah, it tells the time too.

This is especially handy when it comes to business communication. Some tasks require attention right away, others can wait a moment or two. As new Pyrus tasks land in your inbox, you’ll not only know right away, but be able to gauge how pertinent an incoming task may be. Your routine is more easily regained if you only need to glance at a wrist in order to recognize that something can wait. And if it’s an urgent task requiring immediate attention, progress can be made on such a high-priority item that much more quickly.

Here’s what it looks like when Pyrus pushes notifications to an Apple Watch.



Communication on this level—”just the facts, ma’am”—makes your organization that much more efficient, and with the ability to reply to Pyrus notifications within the app, you may never need to touch your phone again.

Scientific studies have linked the “always on” mentality attached to owning a smartphone with increased levels of stress. Because every notification requires attention on some level, even if it’s just to dismiss it, we have to constantly check out of the real world in order to tend to something on our phone. The Apple Watch forces the user to ask a simple question—“Does this require my attention right now?”—before deciding to reach (or spend an hour searching for) his or her phone.

If you decide to treat yourself to an Apple Watch, know that you can treat yourself to some very nice Pyrus integration at the same time. Be sure to let us know what you think about it.