Flexible settings for access to form requests, signing documents right on your phone, and other updates

This month we have created several updates for Pyrus mobile app users, and made working with form requests and catalogs easier.

Flexible settings for access to form requests

This is useful if you use interns, volunteers, or outsource to outside specialists: for example, if you use an outside call center to process your clients’ requests. That call center’s employees need to have access to all open requests, but it does not make sense for that access to be granted permanently. Furthermore, doing so is dangerous. In Pyrus you can now set it up so that a role or employee has access only to open, or only to finished requests. Go into the Template editor, and add an Open/Finished type system field.

Аccess to form requests in Pyrus

Then, in the Access section, select this field as a condition.

Аccess to form requests in Pyrus-2

More about how to grant and manage access to requests

Only what you need in the forms list

In the Forms section of the list of requests you’ve worked on recently, it is now easy to delete the ones you no longer need. For example, say you only opened the form to see who is included in its routing, or to check the settings; then, you closed it, and do not intend to open it again anytime soon. So that this form doesn’t get stuck in the Recent forms list, distracting you from more important tasks, press the x next to it, and it will disappear from the list.

Recent forms list in Pyrus

Scanning for blank fields in the Register

It’s easy to imagine a situation where a client contacts the Support team, but forgets to indicate important information about themselves, and the request falls through the cracks, or does not get processed on time. You can now easily monitor for cases like this: the Register lets you filter out requests with fields that are blank.

For example, say you want to find requests that do not have descriptions of the clients’ issues. Open the Register, select the field you need, and press the arrow in the heading. In the window that opens, place a checkmark next to the Not filled row, and hit Apply. Pyrus will scan for all requests with the Description field left blank.

Register filter in Pyrus

Catalog’s sorting and quick search through them

We have added a fast search in the Catalogs section. Now, organizations that deal with dozens of catalogs can find the one they need — an inventory of goods, a list of subcontractors, or a list of branch offices — in one instant, without reading through the whole list. Just type a few letters from the name of the catalog, and Pyrus shows you the relevant results.

Quick Catalog search in Pyrus

You can also sort the catalogs list alphabetically.

For Android users: group actions with tasks

If you work with the Pyrus mobile app on an Android device, you can now postpone, remind, add to a list, complete, and fix several tasks at once in your Inbox.

group actions with on Android

For iOS users: sign your documents with your finger, right on your phone

The form requests in the iOS version of Pyrus now support Signature type fields. You can quickly sign a document from anywhere: just use your finger, or a stylus. This is useful for those who often work with clients outside the office: like someone who assesses and records damage to cars, or other rented equipment, fills out insurance claims, or handles and delivers valuable cargo.

Signing documents right on a phone in Pyrus

Have a warm and productive September!