Dispatches From Hell

Eight Experts Weigh In On Their Email Inbox Agony


At Pyrus, we hate email as much as everyone else. It is why we created a platform that structures communication around tasks and processes. To highlight the extent of the problem companies face each day, we compiled a fun list of complaints about the communication medium everyone loves to hate: email.

“I hate email. Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate email.”

M. G. Siegler, TechCrunch

“[M]y inbox… is a disastrously bad todo list.”

Paul Graham, Frighteningly Ambitious Startup Ideas: Replace Email 

“My e-mail inbox is a dejected, endless morass. It’s a desolate wasteland of unanswered messages that continue to appear like a never ending game of Tetris. I can confidently say I hate my inbox and I know I’m not alone. “

Nick Bilton, The New York Times

“As someone with upwards of 5,000 unread messages at any given time, taking a quick moment to check email is like pushing hot pokers into my eyes.”

— Jordan Crook, TechCrunch

“When I tell people I invented email, the first thing they say is, ‘I want to kill you.'”

V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT (via The Wall Street Journal)

“Email is having an increasingly pernicious effect. Not only is it having a perceptible effect on productivity, it’s skewing what it is we focus on. The immediate increasingly crowds out the important.”

Noreena Hertz, The Wall Street Journal: The Experts

I have never ever been so behind on email as I am right now.

Fred Wilson, A VC

Stop trying to make reply-all happen, it’s not going to happen.

— Sam Stryker, BuzzFeed

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