All The Ways The New iPhone Will Make You More Productive

As it always goes, the latest and greatest Apple device is here, and this time there are two of them. Apple’s iPhone 6 has a larger 4.7” screen and the iPhone 6 Plus a still-larger display measuring in at 5.5”. The larger screens right away mean that you can use this not-quite-a-tablet as a more heavy-duty productivity tool. It’s much more comfortable to edit a document or spreadsheet on a screen any size larger than the previous generation iPhone. These new iPhones will feel more like working on a tablet than on your cell phone.

Here are the other ways these new phablets will help you do more work from a single device.

There’s a one-handed mode. Do something with that free hand!

We often if not always use our phones one-handed, but people with smaller hands will have difficulty here with such a larger phone. A new one-handed mode will reformat various apps (say, your texting app) into a smaller space on the smartphone screen (to make it easier to access the keyboard, naturally).

It still runs all the iOS productivity apps you already use.

You’re might be just like so many others — heavily invested in your Evernote, your newsreading app, and whatever else it is that you require to function. As the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will run iOS 8, a new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, everything you’re already doing on your iPad and iPhone can be done on this new device of in-between size.

It might just replace both of those devices for you.

You can pay for stuff with it!

Here’s the long story short on Apple Pay: Your phone replaces your credit card. Pretty cool, no?

It has a HUGE battery so you can do all these things over and over and over.

If you’re operating with a larger screen, that means you have more room to arrange components. Apple wisely reserved a lot of the inside of the new iPhones for battery space. Not only will a larger screen need more juice to stay running through the day, we also want it to last the day. Apple kicked the battery up a notch for everyone’s convenience, and we’re most excited about it.