5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Team

When using Pyrus, or any method of task delegation, there are many factors that go into making sure your team is working optimally. Miscommunication, poor wording, and many other things might keep your team from performing at their highest level. We’ve compiled a couple tips to make sure you and your team are on the right track!


  1. Poor wording: When delegating tasks, make sure you spell out clearly what is expected. By using vague wording like “March Report,” for example, you’re not clearing defining the task at hand. Instead, by simply titling it “Edit March Report” or “Make March Report,” your team knows exactly what is needed to complete the task.
  2. Set appropriate deadlines: If you have to turn in a proposal to a client on a certain day, do not make the deadline for proposal creation on that same day. Chances are there will need to be changes and if you do not allow yourself the proper amount of time for changes, revisions, and review you’re going to find yourself scrambling at the last minute.
  3. Proper delegation: Can your programmer make a slideshow for a client? Probably. But should they? Delegating tasks appropriately between your team will maximize efficiency and end with the best results. Knowing your team members’ strengths and weaknesses means you’re always getting the best from them.
  4. Teams that compliment each other: Some tasks are too big for one person alone. If you feel a task may be too overwhelming for one person, choosing the proper group to work on it could be the difference between a completed task and one that hangs around, uncompleted, for much longer than it should. Using the client proposal example again, having one person who has experience in both PowerPoint presentations and proposal writing is one way to do it, but could be overwhelming for that person.Instead, look into using a two-person team; one who is great at presentations and the other who is great at proposal writing. The work will not only be completed faster, but will most likely be better, as well.
  5. Recognition: While this one is a little different than the rest of the tips, it’s just as important. As with everything in life, people like being recognized for quality work. If you have a team member who is continuing to improve and striving for greatness, don’t only make a mental note of it, but praise that individual for their hard work and effort. It can be an easy thing to forget, but will help build your team in the long run.

Managing a team is no small task, but being able to control the situation, delegate properly, and effectively communicate is the first step in running a productive team. Use the tips above to start on the right track!