4 Daily Habits That Will Increase Your Productivity Levels

Productivity levels typically fluctuate for people on a near-daily basis. A promotion, a new revenue stream, those type of things can make our productivity levels go through the roof, but once the excitement of a new job or opportunity subsides and comfort sets in it’s harder to stay productive during the daily grind. It’s not impossible, but you have to make a conscious effort to stay productive. We’ve compiled a couple tips to help you stay productive during those long work weeks!

  1. Go to bed earlier, wake up earlier: I know, I know, you want to watch just that one more episode of The Office that you’ve already seen seven times, but if you can get to sleep earlier, you can wake up earlier. Not having to rush in the mornings, and in turn, getting to work earlier, will do wonders for your productivity. Getting into the office and having time to settle in will help prep you for the day.
  2. Make a list: Whether it’s through Pyrus or just pen and paper, planning your day ahead of time (the night before is perfect) is a great way to go into your day prepared. Prioritize your goals by relevance and importance. Work on getting everything important done before lunch, giving yourself time for unexpected issues and timesinks.
  3. Exercise: Since you’re going to bed earlier, you should have time to do some light exercise in the mornings. You don’t have to do anything extra strenuous, just some stretching and light exercise. Just 30 minutes of light exercise in the morning can improve memory and focus, perfect for completing that To-do List.

    lunch break

  4.  Leave the office for lunch: While it might seem like a good idea to eat your lunch at your desk while whittling away at your to-do list, leaving the office and clearing your head during lunch can help give you that extra push you need in the afternoon to stay productive. You can also use your lunch break to take a walk and clear/refresh your mind.

It’s true that some people are just inherently more productive than others, but you can’t let that stop you from reaching your goals. Using these four simple tips above can put you on the right path to maximize your productivity!