4 Basics For Every Great Manager

It sometimes seems that managers have it easy, telling others what to do while sitting in their lush offices, but that is not the sign of a great manager, but rather a complacent one. A great manager is constantly involved with their team, and when not actively working with the team, they should be working on ways to improve the team, and the company, as a whole.

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If you’re a new manager, we’ve compiled a couple tips to help ease your way into the position.

  1. Lead by example: Probably the most important aspect of being a manager is how you conduct yourself. Your team looks up to you and how you act and interact in a professional setting will transfer to your team. If you expect them in the office at a certain time, then you most certainly should be there when they are. If you want an optimistic, cheerful team, then those traits should radiate from you.
  2. Allocate resources effectively: As a manager, it will be your responsibility to make sure your team is working in the most effective way possible. Allocating team members and resources to appropriate tasks will help define you as a manager. Managing workflow and delegating responsibilities are two things you can start doing right away to show your team (and the higher-ups) that you’re equipped for the position.
  3. Confidence is key: Your team is not going to follow or respect you if you are constantly changing your stance or editing the workflow. One aspect of being a top-tier manager is in the confidence you display when working with your team. Decisive, well informed decisions that are followed through on will make help make your team comfortable due to the fact they are not worried about you floundering on the decision in the future.
  4. Understand that it is a learning process: While this might seem to go against #3, it actually doesn’t. You’re not going to know everything and you will always have a lot to learn, especially starting off. Don’t be afraid to take advice from fellow managers and even your team. Absorb and learn as much as possible, and that way your confidence can shine through when it is time to make decisions.

These are just four things to think about when starting a management position, but it also important to remember that it isn’t just about you. One of the greatest things a manager can do for their team, and the company as a whole, is to strive to lift your team up at every avenue. By offering recognition and constructive feedback, you are showing your team that you want them to succeed, as well, and having your manager in your corner will boost confidence and productivity for the entire team.