10,000 Unread Emails

Back in March Apple released a new update to its iOS 7.1. Among the accompanying one-page release notes it published on the occasion was the following line:

This line is remarkable for what it implies about email usage: that there are enough people out there who have 10,000 unread emails. Enough of those users noticed the bug and brought it to Apple’s attention. Presumably, Apple fixes thousands of minor bugs in between releases, yet this one made it to the main release summary, prominently featured as a major fix.

Are there really so many people in the world whose unread emails number in the 10,000 range? And what kind of special hell is this? How many of those poor souls might actually get around to reading said messages, now that Apple has alerted them to the correct number?

We at Pyrus agree email is hell. By structuring communication around tasks, our customers report 75% of their email has disappeared. If you are among the people who appreciate Apple’s bug being fixed, think how much more of a relief it is not to get bogged down in that kind of email hell to begin with.