User scripts are executed in an isolated context with a basic JavaScript environment, excluding global context (window, global) and network interaction (XMLHttpRequest and fetch).

Currently, you can only use scripts to fill out and edit forms in the web interface.


Script launching and field value calculation time out after five seconds. If your code runs longer than that, the script will be stopped.


  • Circular dependencies (e.g. field A depends on field B while B also depends on A) aren’t allowed. These scripts won’t launch.
  • A table field can only reference fields in the same table.
  • When table and non-table fields are combined, a non-table field cannot reference the table’s individual cells. It only has access to the sum of all the values in a column.

Connecting external online forms

If an online form that lives on a public server is connected to a Pyrus form with a script, the script will be available to all internet users, even if they don't have a Pyrus account or access to that form.

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