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The Pyrus Knowledge base is designed for storing documents and working on them collaboratively. It contains specs for product creation, business process rules and regulations, helpful templates and drafts that may be useful to you and your colleagues, job descriptions, office instructions, and so on.

The Knowledge base is an ordered data storage, and a fully functional text editor rolled into one. It has everything for editing and commenting on documents collaboratively online.

Knowledge base features

  • Structure articles by topic;
  • Flexible access to creating, editing, and/or reading as separate articles and topics;
  • Edit articles in collaboration with multiple users in real time;
  • A wealth of visual formatting and text possibilities, including different level headings, bullet lists, etc.;
  • Place illustrations right in the articles;
  • Full text search.

To begin working with the Knowledge base, select the Knowledge base tab in the menu on the left.

You are on the homepage.

Pyrus Tip: to return to your Inbox from the Knowledge base, click the arrow on the left in the top panel.

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