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Synchronizing Pyrus with Google G Suite

If you manage your users with G Suite, your colleagues can join your organization in Pyrus and log in with their corporate emails. If they’re blocked in G Suite, they can’t log in to Pyrus.

Setting it up

No synching with G Suite is necessary, just send a link to your colleagues. They will log in to Pyrus using their Google accounts and will be automatically added to your organization. Later on, your colleagues will be able to log in to Pyrus the same way, or with a code sent to their corporate emails.

If you block or delete users in G Suite, they will lose access to their corporate email and won't be able to log in to Pyrus.

Note: blocked users will lose access to Pyrus only after their active sessions are terminated, and only if they have not set a permanent password. We strongly recommend that you block the user in Pyrus on the User management page.

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